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What we do

KnowledgeX is a global expert network, connecting high growth companies with leading industry experts. Our clients (leading consultancies, investment firms and startups) come to KnowledgeX when they need expert knowledge or insights to inform their strategic and investment decisions.


We understand the difficulties companies face when trying to build, scale and operate innovative companies, especially when working in highly niche areas. It is almost impossible for them to obtain accurate knowledge using traditional sources such as the internet or market research. We solve this problem by facilitating senior connections between our clients and leading industry experts, who possess the requisite knowledge and expertise, to accurately fill our clients knowledge gap. Thus our clients are able to move forward and make better informed decisions.

Why We Exist

KnowledgeX is committed to making expert knowledge accessible to all companies, big or small. We believe that access to the right knowledge at the right time is critical to the success of any business. 

We operate in 3 main divisions, each with their own distinct mission. 


Providing expert knowledge to the companies that need it most, we aim to propel these companies to new heights by fostering innovation and expediting growth.


To inform our client's investment decisions by providing expert insights that help increase confidence and reduce risk.


To become a trusted and transparent knowledge partner who can provide the right expertise in a quick, accurate & cost efficient manner.

Robust Compliance       Framework

We work within an extremely detailed compliance framework to ensure the highest professional standards for both clients and experts.

   Custom Client Specific Approach

We believe the best expert doesn't always come from a finite database. We conduct a custom deep dive into the industry in order to find the most suitable expert for every project we work on.

Transparent        Network

Our business is built on three core principles - Honesty, Transparency and Flexibility. We build a personal relationship with each of our clients to become their trusted knowledge partner.

Case Studies

We work on projects globally. Check out some example case studies.

Work with Us

Are you looking for a knowledge partner? Feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help.