About us

KnowledgeX is a global expert network connecting high growth companies with leading industry experts. 

We live in a world where information is easily accessible, however, the greatest knowledge and insights are often stored in the minds of leading individuals around the globe. KnowledgeX has formed a community of Advisors ranging across a wide variety of sectors and geographies, who can provide clarity and insights to our Clients. We understand that each individual client will have a specific request so we don't just rely on our current network but instead conduct a completely bespoke search for every project that we work on. 

Who we work with

We can help any company that requires expert knowledge on a particular topic. Primarily, we work with three main types of clients (startups, investment firms and consultancies) to source the expert knowledge that they don't have in-house. Our team is vastly experienced in finding the exact expert that our clients require in a fast, transparent and highly cost efficient manner. 

We usually set up hour long consultancy calls between our Client and Advisor, however, we can also arrange in-person meetings, surveys and long term engagements. 

Case Studies

We work on projects globally. Check out some example case studies.

Work with Us

Are you looking for a knowledge partner? Feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help.