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KnowledgeX is a global knowledge Community consisting of leading experts in a variety of industries and sectors 

Who we are

KnowledgeX works with high growth startups, leading consultancies, and investment firms to provide insights and expertise into global industries. Our clients are keen to connect with individuals who have first-hand industry experience.

The Advisor

Your first-hand experience gives you a unique insight and understanding of your industry. When our clients reach out to us with specific projects we connect them with experts, like you, to provide context and insight.

Global Network

Members of our expert network connect with world class companies and high growth startups for a brief phone conversation or an in-person meeting. Not only will you hear the questions people are asking about your industry but you'll also make valuable professional connections.

Overview of the process

Receive client project/brief
Search our network for relevant experts
Vet to make sure the project is a good fit
Schedule the consultation
Consultation with the client
Advisor receives payment