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KnowledgeX is a global knowledge Community consisting of leading experts in a variety of industries and sectors 

Who we are

KnowledgeX works with high growth startups, leading consultancies, and investment firms to provide insights and expertise into global industries. Our clients are keen to connect with individuals who have first-hand industry experience.

The Advisor

Your first-hand experience gives you a unique insight and understanding of your industry. When our clients reach out to us with specific projects we connect them with experts, like you, to provide context and insight.

Global Network

Members of our expert network connect with world class companies and high growth startups for a brief phone conversation or an in-person meeting. Not only will you hear the questions people are asking about your industry but you'll also make valuable professional connections.

Overview of the process

Receive client project/brief
Search our network for relevant experts
Vet to make sure the project is a good fit
Schedule the consultation
Consultation with the client
Advisor receives payment 

Frequently asked questions

What does KnowledgeX do?

KnowlwdgeX connects top industry professionals with leading industry experts globally. Our clients, mainly startups, investment firms and consultancies, are keen to connect with individuals with first hand industry experience that can provide context and insights into their research.

Why should I consult through KnowledgeX?

Joining our Knowledge Community makes it easier for Advisors to develop valuable professional connections and find new opportunities. All our Advisors are compensated for their time and are only matched to highly targeted projects based on their expertise. Furthermore, we take the security of our Advisors and Clients information very seriously. We work within an extremely detailed compliance framework to ensure that all consultations facilitated by KnowledgeX are strictly based around non-material, publicly available information.

What is Material Non-Public Information?

“Material non-public information” is information on a company, that has not been made public, that would affect the share price and investment decisions as soon as that information becomes public. This is considered insider information. Information is “material” if a reasonable investor would consider that information as important when making an investment decision. In order to meet the threshold for materiality, there must exist a “"a substantial likelihood that the disclosure of the omitted fact would have been viewed by the reasonable investor as having significantly altered the 'total mix' of information made available." This could also relate to speculative or contingent events. Information is regarded as “non-public” until it has been made widely available to the general public. This could be done through news coverage by major networks, public filings, publications or posts on widely trafficked websites. Even when a particular matter has been made widely available, certain aspects of the matter may remain non-public. Advisors must not disclose any information that is considered confidential to any company and should decline any project that would require the disclosure of such information.

If I'm asked a question that would require me to reveal confidential inormation or Material Non-Public information, how should I respond?

It is against KnowledgeX's policy for Advisors to discuss confidential or material, non-public information during a consultation. If a question is asked, you should explain that you cannot answer the question because it would cause you to reveal confidential information. If you feel uncomfortable continuing the conversation you can end the call immediately and invoice KnowledgeX for the consultation. Our clients have agreed to not knowingly ask our Advisors to disclose such information. If you feel that a Client was knowingly seeking to solicit material non-public or confidential information from you, you should notify your KnowledgeX consultant immediately.

How often will I be expected to consult?

We will reach out any time we have a project that matches your expertise and you have the freedom to choose whether you would like to consult or not.

Am I able to perform outside consulting under my employment agreement?

You should confer with your employer to confirm that you are permitted to consult through KnowledgeX. You are solely responsible for determining whether you are permitted to consult given your employment circumstances.

If I become an Advisor, am I able to consult for clients outside of KnowledgeX?

Of course. You are free to continue consulting with your existing clients and engage new clients. We only ask that you continue to work through KnowledgeX with any client to whom we first introduced you.

Do I need to prepare for the call?

Advsors are not required to perform any prep work prior to the call, unless explicitly requested. The consultations are informal in nature and our Clients are simply interested in your opinions and unique industry perspectives.

When I click "I Accept" to the KnowledgeX Advisor Terms & Conditions, am I legally bound to them?

Yes, once an Advisor clicks "I agree" they are legally bound to the Terms & Conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the terms in order to fully understand your obligations.