Client use cases

European B2B SaaS company looking to expand into the US market. Having closed a number of deals with US customers they were looking to explore market entry options.

Insights: We were able to connect our Client with in-industry experts who had direct experience with the US market, including a former founder of a UK based SaaS company who led his company into the US market.

Outcome: Our Client gained valuable insights into market entry best practice and was able to limit their risk by understanding the difficulties faced by the Advisors.  

Expanding into new markets

Product Development

Beverage company creating their first product, an innovative health drink.

They were looking for expert advice on the use of functional ingredients.

Insights: Our Client had a very specific request but we were able to present a number of highly relevant individuals. Ultimately they decided to do one consultation with a KOL on the use of vitamins in food and beverage products.

Outcome: The Advisor was able to understand the clients end goal and provide them with detailed advice on the blend of vitamins to use as well as how to incorporate them to increase efficacy. Ultimately, the client hired the Advisor for a long term engagement. 

Market Research

A Research Consultancy were conducting market research into the fruit juice and smoothie market in Ireland. They were keen to get a better understanding of the different segments across the market and an analysis of the key players.

Insights: We were able to facilitate multiple consultations between extremely experienced Advisors and our Client.  This included, among others, a former Advisor to a major smoothie company and a current CMO. 

Outcome: Our client gained a very detailed and diverse perspective on the industry. 

Due Diligence

A leading Management Consultancy reached out regarding a due diligence project on a major bearings manufacturer in Eastern Europe. They were keen to gain greater clarity on the overall market as well as customer insights.

Insights: We were able to provide a number of Advisors across the sector, including a former CEO. Overall, we organised 5 consultations for our Client.

Outcome: Our client was able to complete their DD by verifying their initial research whilst adding new insights and perspectives. 

Supply Chain

A US based electronics company were looking to optimise their supply chain. In particular, they were considering moving operations from China to India.​

Insights: We were able to organise calls with leading supply chain consultants in both the US and India, as well as, a former Supply Chain Director of a major electronics company, with direct experience in the Indian market.  

Outcome: Our client was able to gain a greater understanding of both the benefits and possible risk factors involved in moving operations. Ultimately, the consultations meant the client was able to move forward and make quick, decisive and informed decisions. 

No matter the industry, market or geography, we can find the perfect Advisor for your needs. Reach out today and find out how we can help.

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