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Whether you're an early stage startup looking to execute your idea, a fast growing company looking to accelerate your growth or a consultancy conducting market research, KnowledgeX is here to help. Once we understand your exact requirements we conduct a deep dive search into the market in order to connect you with the most relevant experts.


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A KnowledgeX consultant will be in touch to talk through your requirements.


We look for relevant experts by searching our internal network and conducting a custom industry search.


We identify and compile a list of the most relevant experts and forward to you.


You have the chance to review, ask any further screening questions or request additional experts.


Once happy to proceed we will set up a consultation call between yourself and the selected expert.


We work with startups across their growth cycle. Whether they are designing their first product or rapidly growing, KnowledgeX can provide the right expertise at the right time. We open up access to the knowledge community so startups can gain the expert advice and guidance they need.


Our Clients (mostly PE, VC and Hedge Funds) look to KnowledgeX because of our robust compliance framework and ability to provide industry leading expertise quickly and efficiently. 
We assist our Clients with their due diligence and research needs so they can make better informed investment decisions. 


We work with the world's leading consultancies, of all types and sizes. By connecting with leading industry experts our consulting clients are able to enhance their industry knowledge as they complete due diligence, market assessments and corporate strategy projects.
They utilise KnowledgeX to solve even the most complex of client requests.

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