KNowledgeX compliance framework

1. Introduction

At KnowledgeX, compliance is fundamental to our business and we operate within an extremely detailed compliance framework to ensure the security of both Clients and Advisors.

We have outlined some of our key policies below. 

2. Advisors

  • Prior to taking part in a consultation with a Client, KnowledgeX requires Advisors to sign the Advisor Terms and Conditions. This sets out the rules regarding ​confidential information, current employers and competitors, among others. For greater details please see our Advisor Terms and Conditions.

  • Advisors also have access to our Frequently Asked Questions section which defines key policies and requirements. We have compiled this list of FAQs so Advisors know exactly what to expect and to further confirm their obligations.

  • We understand that some Advisors will have conflicts for certain projects. We actively solicit these conflicts in order to exclude certain Advisors for projects. One method used by the KnowledgeX team is to ask a number of key profiling questions, this allows us to make sure the expert is knowledgeable on the given topic as well as identify any conflicts that may be present. 

3. Companies

We understand that certain companies will have restrictions in place regarding employee participation in networks, such as KnowledgeX.​ As per the Advisor Terms and Conditions, Advisors must ensure they are allowed to participate (based on their contractual terms) and we also set out restrictions on Advisor participation in consultations regarding current employers or for competitors. Furthermore, any time KnowledgeX learns of any company policies that prohibit employee participation, we add that company to our Global Exclusion Registry. Any Advisors in our network that our identified as employees of these companies will not be permitted to participate in any consultations. If you would like your company included on the Global Exclusion Registry please contact us at

4. Client Projects

  • Prior to accepting any new client project, we first review to ensure it complies with our internal compliance guidelines. 

  • We can accommodate, and welcome, requests for additional compliance controls from Clients. This could be in the form of customised screening questions, pre-approval of potential Advisors by the Clients compliance department or requests to exclude a certain category of experts. 

  • We want to protect both Clients and Advisors from the sharing of confidential information. Therefore, Advisors are obligated to immediately terminate any consultation in which they believe the questions asked will cause them to violate our compliance rules. If the Advisor terminates the call for this reason, they will be paid for the entire consultation.