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Take your company to the next level by connecting with subject matter experts to inform your business decisions.

Every good entrepreneur needs an advisor, a mentor, someone they can go to when they need help. Richard Branson had Sir Freddie Laker, Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs and now You have KnowledgeX.


We understand Founders have to make difficult decisions on a daily basis but they no longer need to make these decisions alone. We work closely with startups to find, screen and then connect them with relevant Advisors who can inform these critical business decisions. Whether it's a one off call to dig deep on a particular topic or a long term Advisor to bounce ideas off, KnowledgeX can connect you with the right expertise to move your company forward. 

The Advisors

  • All of our Advisors are extremely experienced industry leaders (usually current/former C-Suite executives, founders, consultants etc) who have the requisite knowledge and skills to help startups grow. 

  • We custom source all of our Advisors based on the client's brief. Therefore, we only connect startups with the most relevant experts to ensure that each conversation has the maximum impact.

How we help

  • Startups access expert knowledge and advice without the need to give up valuable equity.

  • Companies can scale faster and move forward with conviction when equipped with the right knowledge.

  • The ability to receive the right advice at the right time is critical to the success of any company, especially startups.

how it works

The Steps
Request an Advisor

Let us know what type of expertise you require.

Define The Engagement Length

Are you looking for a one off call or a longer term Advisor.

Presentation of Advisors

We source, vet and screen relevant industry experts to ensure they meet your requirements before presenting the list to you.

Connect with the Expert

We arrange a call (conference call or video) between you and the selected Advisor.

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